Chronicle of a Death Foretold – Topics/Subjects

After reading the first two chapters of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, what do you think the book is about? I don’t mean the plot, but the broader “topics” or “subjects” that we might have called themes before this year. Identify one or two such topics or subject with reference to specific textual evidence.

After reading the first two chapters of this book, I noticed a recurring topic which is the uncertainty of the characters’ facts. Leading on to this is how the reader cannot completely trust the narrator because the narrator gets his information from other people, and how do we know that those other people are not bias or have certain opinions. Therefore, the facts may be changed from what they really are to what the characters wanted to see instead of what really happened. On page 4, the author writes, “Many people coincided in recalling that it was a radiant morning… but most agreed that the weather was funereal… his dream grove” (Márquez 4). This quote is an example of how the characters in the story are uncertain about many things, and in this case the weather. So far, this topic repeats itself throughout what I have read in the novella. Another example is after Bayardo sees Angela, “Three people who had been in the boardinghouse confirmed that it had taken place, but four others weren’t sure” (Márquez 29). This uncertainty of the story’s facts drives the novella in being even more of a mystery. In a way, it makes the story more entertaining, yet frustrating to the point where it would drive one crazy to find out exactly what happens.


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