First Semester Writing Reflection

Blog: Try to identify patterns: issues I used to comment on and on which you’ve since improved, and issues on which I continue to comment. After reading through my comments, reflect in your blog first about your successes responding to writing feedback this year: improvements you’ve achieved in response to my feedback. Then, set some forward-looking writing goals for issues on which my feedback suggests you should continue to focus.

After looking through Mr. Parker’s comments on my writing pieces from the first semester, I realized that there were a few patterns that came up. One of them is the use of passive voice. Before this year, I had no clue what the passive voice was, and when I encountered the comment that corrected it in one of my essays, I went to the link on the comment and learned what it is. Now, whenever I write I look out for the passive voice and correct it whenever I can. This is one goal I can work on this semester. The next thing is introducing quotes with a small analysis. Before, I just wrote the quote with not much information before it, but I noticed in many of my essays, Mr. Parker said I should introduce the quote with some analysis. So, now when I write, I am aware of this and put a good amount of analysis before quotes. Another pattern I recognized is condensing body paragraphs into about 2/3 of a page (double-spaced) because I learned from Mr. Parker (and myself after reading my essay) that it is quite a burden on the reader to glance at such a long paragraph for a while; it gets pretty boring and tedious. To fix this problem, I delete useless facts and information and try to get to the main point with good analysis while staying within 2/3 of a page per paragraph. To go with this, I might as well add that I should try to write as clearly and to the point as possible. I noticed this in a few of my essay drafts; that some comments would often ask to clarify or rephrase the sentence. I think this is a good goal for me to focus on this semester. The last main pattern I realized is staying organized between each paragraph. In other words, I need to stay focused on one topic per paragraph. To do this, I plan on organizing my outline better so that each paragraph clearly says what my main idea is an what evidence I will use to support it. Moreover, I feel like I have succeeded in writing analyses for quotes; if I reflect back on my writing last year, I see a tremendous difference in my ability to analyze quotes. I think each pattern I mentioned is a good goal for me to work on this semester.


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