An Essay on Criticism Excerpt – Paraphrase

I found this poem very difficult to understand and this is my best shot at paraphrasing (starting at line 28):

There should be a certain sound when rhyming.

The “s” sound sounds like wind, the soft sounds flow in a river, but when a loud line comes it picks up the rhythm.

When trying to pick up the pace, the poem is over worked, making the reader slow down, but not to worry because a line like this can be easy to read.

Listed to the elements of the poem and be surprised.

Once understood, emotions come into play and the poem can be understood.

However, the meaning can change.

Do not make the poem difficult, and people should not be happy with such difficult pieces.

Do not let anyone reject your work, which shows too much pride or no sense.

Some parts are meant to be where they are, and they confuse people causing them to give up.

Do not let anyone comment too highly, as dullards look up upon and the smart ones approve; some things look like they have great meaning through the shade, but lacking interest can never enhance the meaning.


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